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The following information is designed to give an overview of getting started on the UK Network.

Getting started:

First, create an account on the social & business network section of the website (Connections), using your real personal or business name. The social & business side of the network will be familiar to you if you have used facebook. Our media section can be thought of as your personal/business launchpad to the rest of the site and the wider web. Once you have an active social media account, you can:

Use the social media section as you would for facebook or any other social media software. This includes a private chat system with other members.

Join existing groups, or set up your own.

Make use of the online courses we have.

Advertise yourself, your group, business or products you want to sell in the Classified Ads section of the site for free. ( The option to purchase additional advertising and space is under development if you require it for the future).

Note: theukonline.net is compliant to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Introduced by the EU this year (2018) and this includes the social media section of the site. The details of data removal by our members can be found in the preferences/account tab on the social media section, this includes the ability to down load this information and keep it for your own records. The UK Online does not share your data it stays within the UK Online site. We use cookies and data saving systems to make the site work to it's best possible format for our members, which may include requiring you to accept cookies on your system, which you can remove at any time from you internet browser. (You will loose some functionality without having them in place in your browser.)

The only businesses we allow to be promoted on the site is Micro Businesses that have an active media account on our social media section. Individuals and Micro businesses can advertise themselves in the Classified Ads section for free, as well as purchasing additional space (when the system is put in place to allow for it). We hope you enjoy the UK Online site and make full use of it for yourself.