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Cardiff the start of the Chronicles

Corona Chronicles

Sunday the 11th of October 2020 is when these chronicles get underway. I know there is the best part of 10 months worth of events that have taken place, preceding the start of this account. We'll get to that history when the time allows, at the moment I'm concentrating on unfolding events. The first event starts in Cardiff in front of the seat of the elected power of Cymru/Wales. The Cymru Assembly. It's here that the bumbling overpaid politicians fall in line with and actually increase the pressure put on the citizens of Cymru/Wales, following and adding their own "special" kind of idiotic additional controls to the ordinary people there. Lots of the Cardiff meet up/political/educational meeting was captured for us and we put it on the site to be watched. Here are the introduction videos of the day.

Just for informational purposes: I loaded these videos up on youtube to have the second one stated as, not within their community standards and it was removed with a permanent mark on my account. So all future videos will be loaded on other not so politically motivated platforms like Googles youtube.

(Note: bitchute works well for freedom of political opinions. )

Corona Chronicles Pt 1

Corona Chronicles Pt 2

Corona Chronicles Pt 3

If you have any comments on the videos please feel free to add them on this thread.