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The Mask Fightback

Reports of people being targeted for "Special Treatment" by the unpaid bastions of self-appointed authority that work in stores and other workplaces are starting to come thick and fast. This particular account, and more importantly redress of the power stakes in the account, demonstrates clearly how to put a stop to these guardians of self-appointed authority, and to be frank the ignorance they have in regard to what they think they know.

One man suffers the humiliation of this "Special Treatment" in of all places a Chemist Shop.

Instead of just accepting it, he goes home prints out the actual law and returns to the shop to "educate" these abusers of people and common decency. The video below is this education in action.


One Man's Fightback



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Being a 'non mask wearer' I am well aware of the hostility I receive when entering shops without a mask.   Not only from shop workers but from the general public, they turn away as if I had a contagious disease, if I gave a damn what they thought it could feel as if I shouldn't be there!   

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