Herbs for Health

Health and why “Back to the Future”

It is the way of things that those with both eyes and ears on the future, sometimes forget that the past still has much to tell us.

In today’s world especially, where the world is in turmoil and we find ourselves waging war against an enemy we can’t see, and know little about yet.   The enemy has been given the name of ‘Coronavirus’ or ‘COVID-19’.

By the time you are reading this, it may be that the war against this virus is over and the human race continues with whatever consequences may come.

Modern medicine has much to recommend it, and it would be irresponsible to pretend that Herbal medicine can cure all ills.     But just for a minute suppose the pandemic removed all modern medicines, how would we survive?

Look back into the past and the way forward isn’t so cloudy, medicines have been available and used here in Britain, and the world too, since man first walked the earth.

Herbal medicines and the treatment of the human body, mind and the wholeness required to live a long and fulfilling life, is often found within self knowledge, and of course the earth still gives, until that is, the earth is no longer here.

This page has links to information that can stimulate the mind, awaken the senses to information our fore-fathers, and of course fore-mothers, would have had passed down through the generations.

You may be surprised what you find!

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Making Herbal Medications


Herbal Recipes