The Body

The Human Body

The body is the sum of its parts; the ‘Systems of the Body’ plus one; the body itself!

The Systems of the Body briefly are:

Skeletal & Muscular
Cardiovascular & Circulatory
Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat
Immune System
Skin (known in medical terms as the Integumentary system).

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All these systems are integral in the making up of the whole of a human body; each system working and connected to all of the other systems that make up the human body.

It is because of the connectivity of each body system to the others, that if one of the parts of the systems of the body is not working to its optimum performance, then it can affect all other parts or systems within that body.

Consider the human body as a car.  The skin is the bodywork, the electrical system is the brain and its nervous system, the fuel (petrol or diesel) comes in through the mouth and is deal with by the digestive system, any smoke emitted through the exhaust pipe is dealt with by the kidneys, urinary and digestive system, the battery is fuelled by oxygen when we breathe.

If the battery stops working the car dies; if the fuel or petrol is dirty it doesn’t drive to its optimum; if the brakes don’t work, the car won’t stop which can have dire results; etc.

The human body is similar; if one of its systems isn’t working correctly, the rest of the body is usually adversely affected.

Looking at the body in a Holistic way and using the Holistic to bring the whole of what we are into equilibrium is a lifetimes work, but each journey begins with one step.

Skeletal & Muscular System

The Nervous System

Respiratory System

Cardiovascular & Circulatory System

Lymphatic System

Ears, Eyes, Nose & Throat

Immune System

Endocrine & Glandula System

The Digestive System