Driving for over 70’s

Is it safe for the over 70's to drive on the road.

To answer the question I could say, it depends on the individual, some of the over 70's are more aware than others, have glasses to see with, and more experience than younger people.

Or, I could say, the human body is designed to last three score years and ten, the age of 70, after this there is deterioration in the senses, awareness; in most of the body systems, the ageing process makes us less able.

At the age of 70, the driving licence comes to an end.   The person in question must apply for another licence.   All that's needed is to fill in a form which asks if they are fit to drive, there is no need to verify this, and no test to do, just fill in the form, say "yes I am fit" and the driving licence is renewed for another three years.   At the age of 72, just do it all again, and so on every three years.

At the age of 70, I stopped driving, not because anyone told me to, but because I don't feel in adequate control of a car to drive it.   I have had three accidents in my driving experiences, all three were caused by an elderly person, one of them drunk I have to say; all had their driving licence revoked because they were found not to be able enough to drive.

In the past week, a daughter of mine had the same experience, the other driver was an old lady who could hardly stand up by herself, and couldn't even say who she was!

I don't tell you all this to say "that's terrible", but to make a point.

Isn't it time the government made it law for anyone reaching 70 years of age, to take a proper test to confirm:

  • They can see properly.
  • Their faculties are in good enough order to drive.
  • They know the present laws of the road and its road signs.
  • They are physically able to drive the car they have, or that the car has been altered to fit.

The driving test is different from what it was, we didn't have to reverse park, neither did we have to do a written test, just answer a couple of questions asked by the examiner.

Things have changed in the 56 years since I passed my driving test, traffic laws have changed, there are more road signs to observe, roads are busier, speed restrictions are in force on all roads.   I am not as aware as I once was, and I am sure I am not the only one, but over 70's still keep driving, causing accidents, road rage, and as I told my daughters when they all learned to drive; "you have in your hands a weapon that can kill someone else, or yourself."

It is all one huge accident waiting to happen, if you are over 70 then please think about what you are doing each time you get in the car to drive.   And if you have a parent who is driving, but who really shouldn't be, then make them aware.

The government aren't going to do anything about it, they are far too busy with what's going on elsewhere, so we need to do something about this ourselves; come on all us 70+'s put your ego's on the shelf and send for a bus pass, its easy, costs nothing, and is safer for everyone else.

"When you get in a vehicle to drive it, remember; you are in control of a weapon that can kill someone else, or yourself"