Herbal Recipes

Herbal Recipes

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Please note - The recipes below are not set in stone, but are those that either I or friends of mine, have used and have found to be useful.   Every individual is different, what works for one doesn't necessarily work the same for another.   Herbs can contain powerful medicines and can harm just as much as they can heal.  Try each herb for yourself before using any herbal medication, and concocting your own recipes.   I hope that what you find below will give some ideas as to which herbs are useful for healing specific problems.  Herbs are not the same as over the counter medicines, some need time to build up in the body, and others work quickly.  Patience and experience will give confidence in what works best for you.

When choosing herbs for yourself, the golden rule is to choose no more than four herbs at any one time, research them carefully and consider any medication you may be taking from your doctor as one can affect the other.   But reading the work of others gives ideas on how to progress, if you are not sure how to use the methods referred to for making herbal medications, please take a look at Possum's Herbal Medications pages

Herbs for Acid Reflux

Herbs for Asthma

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