What is ‘spirit’?

Spirit is a force, to say it isn’t completely physical would be wrong; it can sometimes be seen by the naked eye, and it can be sensed. 

Everything has spirit; has force.  Rock, plants, trees, animals, people, and the food we eat, the plates we eat it off, what we cook with; everything has spirit, everything has force.

Some would explain this force as ‘life force’, some as ‘the aura’, and some have determined what it can look like or what colour it may be and what this might mean.  Whilst these individuals may not be incorrect, the fact that it is ‘a force’ impeccably explains what Spirit is.

Spirit is not just inanimate, it interconnects with the body and with the mind.  Spirit also affects and is affected by its surroundings, and with the Spirit of other people and other things.

Perhaps the easiest way to show how this can happen is to consider a room where five or six people have gathered together; all interacting with each other, or perhaps just sitting listening to what others have to say.  Another person comes into the room who is unhappy, maybe angry or feeling sad; the others in the room often ‘pick up’ on what is sometimes called ‘the atmosphere’ surrounding the unhappy person, and the whole atmosphere of the people present can change, from one of happy interaction to one of silence and a feeling of “not sure what to say”.

This is a clear indication that the Spirit of the sad individual has been affected by what said individual if feeling, and that the spirits of others in the room have also been adversely affected.

The Mind has the ability to think, to sense, to discern, and the Spirit carries these thoughts, senses and feelings, and has the ability to affect thoughts, senses and feelings of what and who is in the immediate surroundings.   Communication from one Spirit to another can take place just as an oral communication or body language communicates from one individual to another.

We are treading on the toes of many others here, all with different opinions and perceptions of what and how ‘spirit’ can be determined, but this topic concentrates on the Holistic, the bringing together of body, mind and spirit as one.

So where does the ‘force’ come from?  The answer is from within the self.

The page ‘The Mind’ told how the Nervous System connects the Brain with all parts of the Body, the cause of this is an electrical force which is conducted by neurons (nerves) which are present everywhere in the Human Body.  This results in vast and complex neural networks that allow the Brain to process information and to cause action, or non-action, as required.

Where there is electrical activity, there is electrical force.  Is this the force that creates Spirit?   Is an electrical force capable of carrying thoughts and emotions?

The meaning of the word ‘spirit’ is ‘breath’ or ‘to breathe’, indicating that with conscious or unconscious thought present, the spirit (or electrical force) is something more than a physical force, that carries with it heat, light, sound, and thought.   If the force surrounding a human being can do this, then the animating breath that gives life in through the mouth and emits thought and emotion via the force that surrounds us.

Body, Mind and Spirit are all interconnected, with Body and Mind being physical, and Spirit being metaphysical (beyond the physical).

Spirit can, therefore, be changed; affected; altered by a decision to do so; a decision to place the self somewhere where outside stimulus can change a negative to a positive.  Of course, this all depends on the self, we are all individuals, what makes someone feel positive may not work for everyone.  Perhaps listening to music; walking in the countryside or on a beach; reading a book; playing computer games; gardening; all these and more can stimulate a positive reaction to the Spirit.

The important thing to remember is that Spirit is an important part of what makes us who we are, and just like changing Body and Mind to be the best we can be, both these two will affect Spirit; it is Spirit that can give and take from what is around us, but what we give and take relies upon our choices.  And choices made depend on taking control of everything we are.   The whole taking that first step to bringing into focus the whole of what we can be.  The first step in a lifetimes work.