Stella Block-chain

In view of the “New Normal” that is being created for the populations of the world, and the apparent move by those in charge to start to demonise the cash currencies around the world, The UK Online suggests that people start to create their own “New Normal” and start to look for currencies that they can have access to that is independent of bank and government currency systems.

With the attacks on the cash economies and eventual (as we see it) destruction of them, and the push to move to the card and online financial systems under the total control of banks and governments, it would be prudent to have a “sovereign” back up system that could give you a level of autonomy against having all your assets frozen, deleted or just plain stolen. (As happened in Cyprus.)

A modern approach is to start using the Cryptocurrencies that have been developing at a phenomenal rate in the last decade. Most people have heard of Bitcoin but there are literally thousands of currencies out there. At the UK Online, we have decided to use Stella Blockchain as our prefered blockchain currency. The details below will help you understand why, if you are new to Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Having spent time looking through various established Block-chain systems, the UK Network and The UK Online has concluded that Stella Block-chain is the closest fit to our present requirements.

Our present requirements are as follows:

Block-chain technology should be capable of providing:

  • A stable system.
  • A system that has longevity built into its construction.
  • A system that can evolve.
  • A system that allows the development of applications that we can design for ourselves.

Provide capability for individual sovereign power & responsibility within our system.

  • For monetary wealth.
  • For monetary storage and transference.
  • For material assets.

Financial capability

  • A decentralised monetary system.
  • A system that can not be controlled by banks or governments.
  • A system that allows for the creation of a token coin.
  • A system that can link to other financial monetary systems.

Learn about Stella Block-chain

If you would like to learn about the Stella Block-chain, click on the picture below and you will be taken to the Stella Block-chain learning zone. It is a very good educational section that walks you through learning about the Stella Block-chain, in an easy to understand way.

With the Stella network meeting our requirements, the next point to address, is what wallet to use.


A wallet is somewhere you store your digital assets. This can be online, on your computer/phone/ tablet etc or even just recorded on a paper wallet not connected to the internet.

When addressing matters to digital assets, for the sake of simplicity we will only be dealing with The Stellar coin and our own token coin, once created. Now on to the wallet we have chosen to use for ourselves and recommend to other users.

Lobstr Wallet

We have chosen Lobstr Wallet for the following reasons:

  • LOBSTR is an easy way to get started with cryptocurrencies and the concept of running your own banking type of system.
  • Desktop & mobile apps; you can manage funds anytime and anywhere with their mobile and web apps.
  • Safe and secure; They have highly secure storage for the Stellas native coin and other digital assets, offering 2FA and multisig protection.
  • Simple & clean Nice design, simple interface, clear instructions and helpful tips. LOBSTR is an easy way to get started with crypto.

While there are other Stella wallets available, that may have increased or additional specific qualities or features to them, we will not be recommending them, nor advising against them. We simply do not know enough about them to make any sort of informed statement.

From the research we have engaged in, we are comfortable with the features of the Lobstr wallet as the starting point for most people to start to take control of their financial requirements, based on the sovereign format we have designed for our platforms.

Click on the picture below to be taken to the Lobstr website, where you can download their wallet and read up about its functions.