Stop Smoking

I had smoked for the best part of 40 years, cigars, packet cigaretts, and tobacco. The only thing I never smoked was a pipe.

Finally, after several attempts in the last few years, I have managed to stop. I won’t go into all the various methods I tried, all of them with varying amounts of success (but I have to say, it was never a complete success).

But having managed a level of achievement that cut my smoking down to a level of less than 10 a day and finally none, the hardest thing (with the mindset I had) was to remain a non-smoker.

To date, I have remained a non-smoker and in my opinion, the video below is the reason for maintaining that.

So if your contemplating giving up, or have given up, but are struggling at times I recommend that you make a habit of listening to Pau Mckenna and the hypnotic message he imparts below.

Get in the habbit of listening to it regularly any time you fell like you may be slipping back into thinking you want or need the nicotine pick up.