The David Icke interview

Did any of you see the David Icke interview that was produced by the London Real website ?

I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t as it was taken down from youtube, reportedly at the behest of the BBC.

Vimeo have also removed it from their platform.

The question is: What’s so bad about the content that us mere mortals should be prevented from watching it ?

The UK Online has a different approach for the situation. We think Sovereign People get to make the choice of deciding to watch the interview, not letting the self-appointed controllers of information make that decision for us.

The UK Online has taken the interview and cut it into four 30 minute videos to make it more engaging for Sovereign People to watch (providing they wish too) at their leisure. The interview has been copied and loaded onto our site in line with the express request of London Real to have the video in as many places as possible.

Unfortunately, we cannot use our normal video players for these videos due to the hosting supplier we have to use to store the data to prevent them from being removed. You will not be able to go full screen with them.

The David Icke Interview Pt 1

The David Icke Interview Pt 2

The David Icke Interview Pt 3

The David Icke Interview Part 4