Web 3.0 – Blockchain

The internet is about to change…

Blockchain is here….

Something has been moving into all our futures, and has been making leaps and bounds forward. Most of us are unaware of it. The internet is about to change out of all recognition.

Be Soverign and stay one step ahead…

The change is a technology called Blockchain.

Most of us, when we think of “Blockchain” think of Crypto currencies like Bitcoin or Etherium that are brought and sold on exchanges in the same way as shares in companies are, except they are far more risky to invest in than the share market.

But tokens of value like Bitcoin or Etherium are just the start, as the series of videos here will explain.

Blockchain is going to be a foundation of our future.

If your going to be part of the future, it is really worth understanding where the future is heading.

Each video is between 10 & 15 minutes long and explains Blockchain and it’s future as the Web 3.0

“Best watched in full screen mode”

With thanks to Systems Innovations for creating these quality education videos.

You can find their youtube channel here