Facts Not Fear…A movement underway…

Update and changes to the original article published on this page

Facts Not Fear Leaflet facebook group

Its been brought to our attention that:

The Facts Not Fear group started a leaflet campaign which thrives on communicating in communities one on one. Not the protests that happened on Saturday in various cities around the UK.

Having said that, it’s thanks to the Facts Not Fear group that I became aware of the protests and attended the Cardiff one as a result.

The devil is always in the detail


Our thanks go to the admin of the Facts Not Fear group for engaging with this site and look forward to seeing their ideas take hold and grow.

Their facebook group link is shown below.


On Saturday 8th August 2020 at 2.00 pm, a small group of people met outside Cardiff Castle’s main entrance for a protest about the COVID19 situation. This protest was one of twelve that took place in twelve different cities throughout the UK as part of an ever-increasing and evolving protest against this government and its removal of peoples basic liberties. Under what many people are now coming to see as a pretext for other reasons that are becoming apparent to an ever-increasing number of people.

This small group of people listed around sixty people who said they would turn up (which normally means on a good day that half that number would manage to make it ). It was a good day, the sun shone and Cardiff was not crowded. In the event, about 70 people turned up to listen to the speeches, and then a short march around an area of Cardiff’s main shopping centre in protest to finish off the before returning the normal mill of life.

As an observer of the protest (and having knowledge on the various protest issues), the singular issue that stood out to me was the ratio of women to men that were there. In my opinion I would say that the women out numbered the men at about four to one.

You may wonder what that has to do with anything…

In my humble opinion it’s this:

Women are leading the protest and they are doing it for mainly one personal reason (along with all the other reasons both sexes have for protesting).

It is a mothers care for her child.

That came out incredible clearly and with the force of an armour piercing bullet directed at those people and organisations in the target zone of their anger and resentment. In the short video the UK Online has created for this article, I think that particular issue is prominent.

Talk of children focused heavily in the speeches, as did the voices of three mothers that shouted out that their child has suffered from vaccine damage during one part of the talks. That is a high percentage number of damaged children based on just 70 people!

To use a metaphor, the video points to the starting place of a stream and a rising head of water that begins to flow it’s own course as it moves forward on its path.

I would not be in the slightest bit surprised when that stream turns into a river, then a torrent and finally into a tsunami of focused resentment and rage towards the people and organisations that eventually get identified for their lies and deceit they have plied for rewards of various kinds on the people and in particular the mothers of these Islands.

I’ll watch with keen interest as I believe, unlike many groups of people, mothers won’t think twice about jumping the ship of conformity to protect their children, and from what I witnessed it’s the mothers that are leading this movement.

May the devil look after his deceitful little helpers, because once the mothers get moving to protect their children, their numbers will become legion and their wrath unstoppable. I personally would hate to be in the firing line….