Herd Immunity

Nature has got you covered”

The concept of natural herd immunisation was where the original theory of “Herd Immunity” was developed; long before the mentality of vaccination at all cost developed, and eventually through social engineering, appearing to take ownership of it.

It was originally created by Dr. Arthur W. Hedrich, a health officer in Chicago, Illinois. He observed that, “during 1900-1930, outbreaks of measles in Boston, MA. appeared to be suppressed when 68 percent of the children contracted the virus.”

Later in the 1930s, Hedrich observed that after 55 percent of the child population in Baltimore, MD contracted measles the rest of the city’s population appeared to be immune to the disease. It was these observations that led to the formulation of the herd immunity theory.  But note that the theory was based on unvaccinated populations that were exposed to the disease and developed natural immunity to it. The protection came from the fact that each population was exposed to the disease and a certain percentage of the people got it.

“The principle of community immunity applies to control of a variety of contagious diseases, including influenza, measles, mumps, rota-virus, and pneumococcal disease.”

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The figure below show the modern scientific acceptance of levels required for herd immunity today. (including source link.)

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What are the differences between “Natural Immunisation” and the drug companies vaccine induced Immunisation ?

Natural Immunisation – How it works

Measles: When measles first enters a population, herd immunity is zero. Normally leading to a high illness rate and mortality, due to what is know as “high dose rate”.

This can be magnified if social conditions like high density and low nutrition are abundant in the population.

Over time as measles becomes endemic (constant circulation) herd immunity increases rapidly (two year cycling).

Natural exposure leads to life long immunity for the individual, with a slight falling off of the immune system as they age. This ‘falling off’ then gets a boost as the older people come into contact with younger people that catch the virus and shed it as they become infectious themselves, before starting their lifelong immune process.

Once mothers have their life long immunity they in turn pass on to their babies some of this immunity via breast milk and by trans-placental means. This is a passive immunity which is mainly available to pre-vaccine mothers who had acquired immunity via infection.

As a consequence of natural immunity mortality and morbidity had fallen by 99.4% before the vaccine was introduced. Whilst “herd immunity” is involved the importance of living standards and good nutrition also plays an important part in preventing susceptibility to virus infections.

Eventually the whole of the population have lifelong immunity with babies under the age of one year having a passive immunity that gives them a better chance of fighting measles if circulating in the population.

Vaccine induced immunisation – how it works

The population are injected with a vaccine that is supposed to to the same job as natural immunisation, and a booster vaccine given latter to top up the original one.

The draw backs to vaccine induced immunization are:

  • Vaccinated mothers do not pass on adequate passive immunity to their infants leaving them vulnerable to a more serious attack of the virus.
  • Unlike natural measles the vaccine does not provide lasting immunity. ( A substantial number of recent cases have occurred on vaccine treated people, including people that have had the booster shot.)
  • The fall off of the protection offered by vaccine induced immunization varies from about 6% to 10% per year, dropping yearly in effectiveness, which is why there is a need for booster vaccinations , on average 10 years apart.
  • Dealing with infections when you are young is the best time as your body is in the best condition (all things being equal) to get over them and gain natural immunity. How many people that have relied on vaccination against measles have booster shots all through their lives ? I know of none, which is why there is an increase in people recorded as having the vaccine (including the booster) that are contracting the virus.
  • Whilst most children are vaccinated against measles, by the time they are middle aged they will not have any immunity of their own, nor will mothers be able to pass it on to their infants.
  • When you take these point into account what you are seeing is the loss of natural herd immunity. It is not being replaced by a vaccine immunity, as most adults (over 30/40 yrs) do not have immunity as the vaccines have lost there effectiveness.

To finish off this article; I think it important to note that according to the America CDCs own figures herd immunity has not been achieved in the vaccines shown below.

As the Americans have one of the most imposed and numerous vaccine schedules in the world, (77 vaccinations by the time a person reaches 18 if they are to meet targets, and get bonuses). The figures for the UK and the rest of the world should be considerably lower, (if getting hold of figures were as easily available to get as the American ones, to check the numbers involved). The graph below does not take in to account the issue of diminishing effectiveness of vaccines on an ageing population.

These are the facts on herd immunity !