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At the UK Online we tend to look for the positive in things, which doesn’t always get a page of their own on the platform. Here are some of the posts we put on facebook regarding how thing are going.

The root of the problem is not the lockdowns. The Ministry of Defence gets to the very root of what is the real concern….


The root of the problem is not the lockdowns. The Ministry of Defence gets to the very root of what is the real concern….

Posted by The UK Online on Sunday, 22 March 2020

Good new on the Covid 19 virus ?

Still swimming against the current, whilst agreeing with the governments action to encourage social distancing, the following article may be of interest to our readers.

The new coronavirus may already have infected far more people in the UK than scientists had previously estimated — perhaps as much as half the population — according to modelling by researchers at the University of Oxford.


“The research presents a very different view of the epidemic to the modelling at Imperial College London, which has strongly influenced government policy. “I am surprised that there has been such unqualified acceptance of the Imperial model,” said Prof Gupta. “


“Although some experts have shed doubt on the strength and length of the human immune response to the virus, Prof Gupta said the emerging evidence made her confident that humanity would build up herd immunity against Covid-19.


Here’s hoping Prof Gupta’s research proves to be right. It is in line with many of the articles that are starting to appear in the media that are pointing in the same direction.

More good news on Covid 19

Following on from our last post on the number of people that may have contracted the Covid 19 virus, it looks like the picture is getting brighter still.

Epidemiologist Neil Ferguson (picture below) who has been instrumental in governmental policy decision-making, offered a massively downgraded projection of the potential death toll on Wednesday 28th March 2020.

“A higher rate of transmission than expected means that more people have the virus than previously expected; when the number of those with coronavirus is divided by the number of deaths, therefore, the mortality rate for the disease drops.”

“Based on both those revised estimates and the lockdown measures taken by the British government, the epidemiologist predicts, hospitals will be just fine taking on COVID-19 patients and estimates 20,000 or far fewer people will die from the virus itself or from its agitation of other ailments, as reported by New Scientist Wednesday.”

It seems like he agrees with Oxford epidemiologist Professor Sunetra Gupta’s model, that we mentioned in our last post above.

Does the good news never end ?

Keeping up our positive approach on Covid 19 problem…

More good news is under way.

A Fifteen-minute tests to determine whether people have had a case of coronavirus, therefore are thought to be immune, will be given to NHS staff and key workers as a priority, according to the chief medical officer.

Sharon Peacock, of Public Health England (PHE), told MPs that the tests would be available within days rather than weeks or months.

The tests are then thought to be put on sale to the general public, through various outlets (including online).

Neither PHE nor the government have said what the kits have cost taxpayers and has yet to reveal which company is behind the kits. If effective it would mean essential workers who have antibodies would be able to go back to work and vulnerable people could relax their restrictions if they were shown to be immune.

A small step heading in the right direction !

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