What’s Happening & what’s going to happen…

I asked a multiple answer question recently in various location on line, it was:

What do you think the aim of the governments policy on Covid 19 is ?

Is it:

To eliminate Covid 19 from the population.
To prevent the spread of Covid 19 in the population.
To protect NHS staff from infection.
To protect the NHS from becoming over burdened.

If you have other ideas please feel free to express them.

Apart from the incredibly low response (less than 100 respondents) across many locations covering potentially 100,000 plus respondents, I did manage to get a feeling for the point I was questioning, by asking the question in the way it was phrased.

This main point I was interested in was the last part of the question:

If you have other ideas please feel free to express them.”

Apart from the normal insults to politicians and their policies from politically opposed people most of the replies addressed the first 4 points of the question asked.

What they did not do was show any answers outside of the Government and main-steam media created narrative.

Just to put a context to this, up to 100,000 had the opportunity to see the question and respond. Less 100 responded, out of which, not one of them displayed what I was looking for. That being, other ideas linked to the last question asked.

In answer to the question, the main stated point (by my understanding) for the aim of government policy on Covid 19 is to protect the NHS from becoming over burdened.

I don’t really think anyone could disagree with that based on what is put out by the mainstream media ?

Now we get into the area I wanted people to express an opinion on. What is not being said as to where things will go based on government actions.

So let’s ask a few more questions.

Does anyone in authority want herd immunity developed in the UK ?

If so are they prepared to admit it?

If so which type:

Natural ?

Vaccine induced?

If not why not ?

Having asked these four questions, lets look at a possible out come based on what is actually happening. Not what is put in the media, or desired by any particular group, but a chain of events that are happening now.

Covid 19 is in the community.

80% of the population should not get serious ill effects from catching it.

The 20% that may have serious and life threatening reactions are for the most part protected by the house arrest strategy the public are under, and the self isolating measures that have been put in place.

The NHS has had the time to prepare for the mass cases of ICU patients

Hand washing cuts down the amount of the virus being transmitted everywhere.

Vaccines are being developed by Mr Gates in seven of his companies (if social media reports are to be believed).

The isolation of older people from hospital care seems to be getting put it place in high circles of the NHS and the main-stream media (as reported by us in articles we have produced previously).

We are not in total lock-down, large numbers of the population are still moving around and not practising social distancing, two examples of this are the police enforcing the house arrest policy and telecom workers installing systems. They are the most visible and by no means the only ones. Many employers are causing their staff to break the social distancing rules going by reports in all forms of media that we have look at.

The spread of the virus has slowed and according to government sources we are near the peak of the infection. Going by other recent government statements we may be out of house arrest within a month, or it may last for the rest of the year. Such is the mixed messages being put in the public arena.

As the weeks and months go on, the virus will keep spreading (as any other cold or flu would). A large number of the population will develop immunity to it, and through the summer the virus will hardly have any effect. In all probability it will return next winter along with the 100s of other viruses and start to reinfect the population that has not developed the immunity to it.

Vaccines will have been developed by Mr Gates companies that can be given to the population and prevent people from being at serious risk to this particular virus. Only being left susceptible to the 100s of other ones that kill 1000s each year in the UK, according to government flu statistics.

The point of this article is that whether you like it or not, herd immunity is going on in the country and will continue to develop, irrespective of government denial of a deliberate plan for it to happen.

See Herd Immunity page for more information: Here